Kolektiv Z

For climate and social justice

Kolektiv Z

A feminist-led youth collective dedicated to building people power for intersectional transformative actions to improve the wellbeing of our communities and the planet.

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A Few Words About Us

Kolektiv Z is working towards achieving a more just and equitable society. The key approach of the network is an intersectional approach where we work by seeing and valuing the various forms of inequality and systemic oppressions when they often operate together in a complex and cumulative way, in order to understand and act towards system change and social justice.

Kolektiv Z started its work through ​Young Friends of the Earth Macedonia, as part of the Young Friends of the Earth Europe volunteer network of young people and youth groups working collectively for environmental and social justice. 


The interaction between gender, race and other categories of difference in individual lives, social practices, institutional arrangements, and cultural ideologies and the outcomes of these interactions in terms of power.


 Uncovering all the structural injustices happening, from broken systems of oppression and increasing inequalities on every aspect of our societies, to man-made disruption of our ecosystem.


To address the root causes of the crisis, the strategies must be based on feminist principles and break through historical oppression.


We practice meaningful allyship with other movements beyond the environmental movement, and stand in solidarity to amplify the voices of grassroots struggles and communities.


If you want to go quickly, go alone, if you want to go far, go together! Only by working together across generations and sectors we can make major, far-reaching just changes for the generations to come.

our main

approaches and methodologies

Intersectional approach

Pointing out and understanding how the different forms of systemic injustices and oppressions intersect and allow the power structures to often operate together in a complex and cumulative way.

Collective visioning

Creating solutions, actions and even the movement itself. We believe that in order for us to change the system, there has to be an act of togetherness in visioning what we want our system to be, and then co-creating it together.

Popular education

Collectively and critically examining experiences and raising consciousness for organizing and movement building, acting on injustices with a vision in the interests of the most marginalized.

imagine what is your ideal community like and where do you and future generations would like to live!

Join our collective visioning process at Zelen Glas (Green Voice) for creation of the North Macedonia’s Green Deal.

Gallery from of Our

Recent Projects

Building a movement to tackle the social and environmental struggles by creating platforms for collective transformative actions to create joint efforts driven by our values as humanity, and not from positions of power.

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