Kolektiv Z

A Few Words

About Us


A Few Words About Us

Kolektiv Z is a women-led young collective for climate and social justice based in North Macedonia, dedicated to building people power for intersectional transformative actions to improve the wellbeing of our communities and the planet.                                Our work lies in the intersection of climate and social justice, building collective visions and pathways toward a socially-just and environmentally-sound future, done through organizing and campaigning alongside frontline communities.

Our Story

Kolektiv Z is a young women led initiative brought to life by the drive to bring the needed change to our communities in North Macedonia. As part of the Young Friends of the Earth Europe network of young people and youth groups all across Europe working collectively for environmental and social justice, Kolektiv Z (initially acting under the name of YFoE Macedonia) is working towards achieving a more just and equitable society. We have been strengthening our work with the other youth and social justice groups in an effort to build a collective response to the environmental, economic, structural and political struggles we face.

The key approach of the network is an intersectional approach where we work by seeing and valuing the various forms of inequality and systemic oppressions when they often operate together in a complex and cumulative way, in order to understand and act towards system change and social justice. Through an intersectional approach to movement building, we are tackling social and environmental challenges by creating platforms for joint visioning and collective transformative action.

We believe that we need a strong, united front with a radical vision of the future, rooted in solidarity, justice and care for our communities and our environment. That is why we are deeply committed to facilitating the creation of a national and Balkan Green Deal, as a pathway to reaching a just and sustainable society we collectively envisage.

Our Vision

We envision societies thriving on love, solidarity and deep care, home to liberated people who celebrate diversity and live in dignity and in harmony with all living beings.

The intertwined crises & overlapping injustices we face nowadays demand that we break out of our silos, unite our struggles and strengthen our voices as social movements, human rights organisations and LGBTQI+ rights groups, feminist groups, environmental justice and migrant justice groups, farmers’ and mining workers unions, scientists, artists, healthcare workers, educators, policymakers, youth. In the Balkans and beyond, this is the moment to strategically work together towards a joint vision, in each and every area of influence we might have, and transform the current unjust system into one that is based on love, solidarity and deep care and thrives on peoples’ liberation and celebration of diversity in harmony with nature.

our team


Behind every good work, there has to be a strong passionate and collaborative team. Meet us:

Sofija Getova


Sofija is a social justice activist, facilitator, organizer and co-founder of Kolektiv Z. Motivational speaker and eternal advocate for collectivity and joint organization for a better society! She can talk for hours and explain the opposition to social norms imposed on us by thousands of years of ‘outdated history’. She is the creative geek behind our work and she tries to connect the digital marketing with the tools for making societal changes.

Ena Utevska


Ena is a climate and social justice activist and co-founder of Kolektiv Z. Her passion is to foster positive values ​​with which communities will live in peace and happiness, while respecting the planet with all its natural beauties. She enjoys talking about the importance of the intersectional approach in creating policies and solutions that will contribute to the well-being of all people, living beings and the planet.

Marija Poprizova


Marija loves fighting for equality, in the workplace and beyond. Has strong passion for bringing justice to important issues in our society and contributes to the fight for climate & social justice through intersectional lenses. Hopes for a better future by taking concrete steps to ensure that we get there, for the good of our planet and the people.

Simona Getova


Simona is a feminist climate and social justice organiser, facilitator and educator. Her work and research interests lie in the intersections of feminist political education, direct governance and community-led models of social and environmental justice for low-carbon futures. She is the co-founder of Kolektiv Z & The Climate Herald and dreams of collective liberation by dismantling the systems of power & oppression.

Ankica Sokolić


Ankica is our youngest member! She is a co-founder of Kolektiv Z, currently studying Energy and environmental engineering. She advocates for social and climate justice, strongly believes that access to electricity should be a fundamental human right and enjoys analyzing the environmental issues from a political and economic standpoint.